Simon Deryckere

Simon Deryckere

Simon Deryckere

Simon Deryckere (°1982, Kortrijk) is business lawyer and corporate lawyer.

He has been a member of the Kortrijk Bar since 2007. He has formed part of IMPOSTO Advocaten since 2014. He was laureate at the oral pleading competition of the Kortrijk Bar (2008).

He is also a part-time practical assistant at Kulak, where he is in charge of seminars Introduction to the law, under supervision of Professor Bernard Tilleman.

Practical Areas

  • Business law
  • Companies in difficulties/li>
  • Real-estate law
  • Corporate law
  • Dispute resolution and proceedings relating to the aforementioned practical areas


  • Licentiate degree in Law (KU Leuven 2005)
  • DES en droit économique (ULB 2006)
  • MaNaMa Corporate law (KUB 2007)
Simon Deryckere

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